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May 27 2013

Memorial Day

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I am finally settling down from a busy Memorial morning, lots of friends coming over and  Tami and I have been running around being busy. Forgetting that it has only been a few years since our son Aaron was in Iraq for a Memorial Day. It is easy to forget what that felt like because he is home, healthy and has just given us our first grandchild. Busyness makes that possible. If I can get busy enough, the day becomes a blur and passes without any conscious thought of what our country has set this day aside for. I promised myself when Aaron was gone for that year in Iraq that I never would do that again. This day is an opportunity for an entire nation to silently give thanks to the countless millions of young men and women who selflessly gave of themselves at a time in life when the rest of us were selfishly pursuing our heart’s desires. Today I will have a privilege that so many other parents will not have, to hug my son and tell him how much I appreciate his sacrifice for not only me, but for an entire nation. I will not take that lightly.  Many parents today will be eating across from an empty chair. It is a sobering thought not knowing where your child is and even worse to know that he is in a war zone and in potential harm’s way. Our prayer before dinner tonight will be a simple one, to thank God for our soldiers.

Blessings on this day to you and yours.

God’s Peace be with you,

Jeff and Son

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May 10 2013

Ruing the Day

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One of my mother’s favorite sayings was “you will live to rue the day…” and you can fill in the blank as to what it was that I would rue. I had no clue as to what rue meant and, of course, I didn’t interrupt her with details such as what the heck was she talking about. All I knew was that if I asked, chances were I would get rued, or be rued, or maybe it was just plain rude to ask. I digress.

You see, looking back on my life as a teen, it seemed like every stupid thing I did was something that I would “rue.” For instance, the time I threw a pack of firecrackers under my brothers’ bed while he was sleeping and burned the carpet. While mom was scrubbing up the powder burns, she was livid and talking to anyone who would listen. “This is going to come back to haunt you, you will rue….” And so it went. Every time I did something equally as dumb, it was followed by Mom cleaning up the mess and telling me how I was going to rue that I did it.

I believe it is connected to every parents’ prayer, “I hope you have a child just like you. Amen.” It’s almost as if Mom was implanting in my DNA that everything I did to annoy her was going to be replayed out with my own children, therefore causing me to “rue.”

This all came full circle last Fourth of July when my youngest threw a pack of firecrackers under his brothers’ bed while he was sleeping. I was scrubbing up the powder burns and screaming at him, “WHAT would compel you to do something so stupid!?!” That’s when it hit me; I did the same thing and was told I would rue it.

I needed to know what the heck rue meant.

After looking it up, I sat on the end of my son’s bed and laughed so hard it hurt. Thinking of my Mom and how hard she would have laughed at how long it took me to “get it” made me miss her and her laugh. With tears streaming down my face, in between fits of my own laughter, my son asked me if he was in trouble. I barely got it out, but said to him, “From the grave, to me and back to you, son, the time will come when you will rue the day this happened.”

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