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Jeff Allen is one of the top clean, corporate comedians in the world. His Happy Wife, Happy Life message of a marriage gone wrong and redeemed has given laughter and encouragement to millions of people. Jeff’s comedy drives home the humor in everyday family life and the joy derived from a healthy marriage.

Jeff Allen

Jeff starred in his own sitcom pilot, Happy Wife, Happy Life, for PAX TV with Castle Rock Television, in the critically acclaimed film Apostles of Comedy and in the hilarious comedy DVD Thou Shalt Laugh. He has appeared on virtually every major cable TV station, and is regularly heard on XM Radio, Jones Radio Network and Focus on the Family.

Jeff was born in Saulk Village, Illinois in 1956. He lives in Nashville with his wife, Tami.

Recordings and Books in Publication

Apostles of Comedy (DVD)
Happy Wife, Happy Life Revisited
Ken Davis and Friends: Lighten Up and Laugh (DVD, VHS)
Jeff Allen: The Bananas Comedy Special (DVD, VHS)
Change of Heart (VHS)
Lock the Door (CD)
My Life as a Bystander
Thou Shalt Laugh (DVD)

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  1. Jonathanon 29 Jun 2009 at 7:31 am

    Jeff. Just saw you at the WFRN Comedy event in Kokomo, IN. It was a surprise date for my wife-sans kids (I related to your stories as we have 3 ourselves (6-boy, 3-girl, 1-boy) and am looking forward to the ‘joys’ ahead). I loved the comedy, had me crying and in stitches the whole time (wish it was longer – laughter is truly God’s greatest gift). The best part for me was your testimonial at the end. I would love to see that again. The part I liked was the way you described Christ just pouring in through the tiny gap when you listened to those tapes. I praise God that he put a man in your life who showed his love by giving you those tapes. As someone who has known Christ his entire life (grew up as a Pastor’s son), I didn’t go through the struggle of NOT knowing Christ. Hearing stories like yours, helps keep me humble and a reminder that I need to keep reaching out to others. Thank you again for the wonderful evening.

    PS my wife said he has the greatest respect for you and those in your profession (comedy). Getting up on stage and making people laugh, even when you don’t want/feel like laughing. Thank you.

  2. Charlie Schroederon 10 Aug 2009 at 6:44 pm

    Jeff & Tami,
    My wife and I are great fans of yours and have been since we first heard you at Dexter Yager’s “Free Enterprise” in Charlotte, NC at the (than) new coliseam. I have used the DVD “Happy Wife, Happy Life” as a “Training film” for dating and engaged guys and as a refresher course for those who have been married for a while at our men’s group at church. Lots of afformations from the older men.

    After my wife and I watched the “Apostles…” DVD we noticed that you mentioned two sons. However, in “Happy Wife…” you mention. I remember the #3 was the results of running out of brownies one night and later he had the nick name “Poop Boy.”

    Very sorry if the answer is not happy. We just could not find the answer through any google researsh.

  3. Donon 09 Sep 2009 at 10:49 am

    Well, I was coming home from a Church Youth Group Trip and our Youth Pastor was playing some of your comedy. I was in stitches, more than in stitches, the whole time. The marriage stories (it was a bunch of Christian Comedians, sure it was you) and the brownies were halarious. But I like the story about your father before you married. “Son you can be right, or you can be happy and right there he broke down crying!!!” I laughed so hard at the whole thing, I litterally fell out of the van seat. My girlfriend laughed at me falling out of the seat. Your a funny guy, God Bless.

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