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Jeff Allen has a God-given ability to bring humor that is appreciated by every generation - sparking hysterical laughter for students, parents and grandparents all at the same time! Jeff is amazing. He far exceeded our expectations. Jeff brought non-stop laughter on Sunday morning, and a completely different, but equally hilarious set on Sunday night. Jeff's testimony was well-delivered and touched the hearts of our entire church family.  

Rev. Robert T Schlipp, Lead Pastor
Radiant Life Church, Lodi, CA

Jeff has been with our church twice now and our people love him. He has you laughing so hard it hurts; then, as he shares, he captures people's hearts. It is uncommon for comedians to do Sunday morning services in most churches; but as Jeff ties in his story of life transformation, he truly hits it out of the park.  

Pastor David Vistine, Senior Pastor
Las Cruces First, Las Cruces, NM

Salem MediaJeff Allen was outstanding, as usual. The crowd enthusiastically approved of virtually every word that came out of Jeff's mouth and wanted more when it was over. 

Larry W. Schweinsburg
Salem Media Group

Jeff was great! Everyone loved his jokes because he related to their every day lives. The people were amazed at how clean his jokes were and how he talked about his Christianity. Many people heard how funny he was and they were sorry they couldn't make it to the event. We raised enough money to bless 25 Veterans and their families.  

Kathy Ordakowski, Grant Coordinator
Gifting Grants, Inc., Baltimore, MD

Alice Cooper's Solid RockJeff Allen was amazing! The crowd of 500 really responded well to him. Several people commented that they appreciated hearing his story and his encouragement to be faithful and strong in your marriage without coming off as preachy. Alice and Sheryl Cooper especially loved his brand of humor - and we at Solid Rock were thrilled to offer a (mostly) secular audience a first-rate comedian that held our values as a faith-based nonprofit organization. Unfortunately, I was so busy running the event that I did not get to meet him personally, but I did get to stand and listen to him while he rocked the house. We will definitely want to have him back for future events.  

Joy Covell, Director of Operations
Alice Cooper's Solid Rock

Please pass along our thanks to Jeff for a very, very fine performance Tuesday evening. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with him, and he hit a home run for us.  

John C. Alexander
Resource Director
YMCA of the USA
Danville, IL

I wanted to let you know how awesome Jeff was! Our event went great overall but Jeff was out of this world. We have not stopped hearing compliments on him since Friday night, people literally all weekend telling us how much their cheeks and stomachs hurt from laughing so hard. We could not have been happier with our choice to hire Jeff to headline this event and we will definitely look at using him again in the future.  

Ryan Tucker, Next Gen Pastor
Journey Christian Church, Apopka, FL

Jeff was fantastic. We have had so many raving reviews of his show. We will share with others in our Salem Family how successful this event was. It was clearly a great night.  

Patty Neil, Business Manager
Tom Lemmon, Station Manager
WORD-FM, Pittsburgh, PA

As always, Jeff did a great job entertaining and inspiring our students. His "message" is always full with humor and sarcasm, but also laced with truth and tenderness. I especially appreciate how he mixes his Christian testimony into his presentation. Jeff is a blessing. I'm glad we could have him back to Bethel!  

Shawn Holtgren, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Development,
Bethel College

We were thrilled with Jeff's performance Saturday! As expected, he shared not only his great humor, but his heart. All the feedback I've heard from those who attended has been great. They were very appreciative of the event as a whole and with Jeff in particular. He has an amazing gift and we were blessed that he was able to be with us. It is beautiful to see him using that gift for the glory of God and the good of the people who hear him. I'm sure everyone left with a lighter load as they were able to laugh, enjoy the evening, and know that there are people out there like Jeff who genuinely care about them and the sacrifices they are making for our nation.  

Dr. Steve Estep
Grace Church of the Nazarene

It was fantastic! His show was second to none, in fact I told him I am unsure of how to top this next year. The combination of humor and testimony was incredible.  

Jeff Haddon
Trinity Assembly of God, Mt. Morris, MI

Jeff Allen is a comedian we continue to have at The Upper Room. Jeff's comedy is not only clean, but hits the heart of anyone who understands the humor of family dynamics. He is a hit with our audience and fills the room each time he comes.  

Ron Strand
The Upper Room
Mission Viejo, CA

Jeff's material brought a fresh light on the issues of addiction and how they affect not only individuals but entire families. Jeff performed for our association of Addiction Treatment professionals and they all found his presentation to be incredibly authentic and passionate. Stories of recovery are often very individual and moving – as was Jeff's, but his story included the impact on his family and relationships in a very thoughtful yet funny way. Laughing at ourselves is the best medicine – and Jeff brought us just the right dose.  

Mary-Linden Salter, LCSW, Executive Director
Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug & Other Addiction Services

Our Celebration Banquet this year was truly a celebration, and Jeff did such a great job in keeping our audience entertained … and laughing! We heard such great comments about the evening as a whole, and especially about Jeff. Not only did they find Jeff funny, they were touched with his personal testimony on "God's Faithfulness" (our theme) to him personally. We have received comments such as, "I couldn't stop laughing! My wife and I could so relate to some of the things he talked about in his own marriage;" and, "…It felt so good to laugh - all part of the celebration night!" One of our guests, who had brought friends that had never attended before, shared this comment from one of her guests: "I had no idea the banquet was this much fun! If this is what it's like, I want to come next year!" Overall positive responses such as, "What a great evening this was;" and, "Great job on this event… We had a wonderful evening;" all reflect that Jeff was the perfect "icing on the cake" of our night of celebration! He was a joy to work with. Please express our thanks to Jeff, and tell him we are keeping him, his family and his ministry in comedy in our prayers.  

Deb Wieringa - Administrative Assistant
Unity Christian High School Education Foundation, Hudsonville, MI

As usual, Jeff was GREAT! He has kept a wonderful sense of humor through all his years in the business. Jeff brings comedy that is suitable for the entire family. His quick, sarcastic wit helps the audience to enjoy family life through a lighter perspective. He knows how to find and bump your funny bone throughout his entire show. 

Dan Smith, Executive Pastor Tri County Church, DuBois, PA

Jeff Allen gets the job done! Attendees are raving about the hour of non-stop laughter intermingled with the most heart-felt sincere stories we've ever heard! Definitely a repeat performance in the future. 

Dr. Paul Hardy, Director Recovery for Life, Recovery for Kids

The event with Jeff Allen last night was extremely successful. Jeff was just as funny as I remembered. He’s as good a comedian as anyone in the country, secular or Christian. To watch all these other people laughing until they cried really made the event rewarding. I had more people come up to me afterwards and thank me for bringing Jeff to town. Jeff’s comedy was great and he ended it with a really sobering (no pun intended) message about how God can change a life. I believe everyone there walked away with much more than a laugh. Thanks for partnering with WCQR and we look forward to working with you again. 

Mike Perry, General Manager WCQR
Gray, TN

We had a fabulous event and so enjoyed having Jeff here! Our team laughed until our sides hurt and it was good for us all! Jeff was great to hang out with people afterwards and stayed until the last few guests left. Thanks again!

Kathi Moore
Victory Family Church
Cranberry Twp, PA

Over half of the 600 guests had never been to a Hope House event before. So, they were taking us in and checking us out and didn't seem to be engaging. But as has happened each time when Jeff gets up there, the laughter breaks down the wall. About five minutes in, you could just feel the shift. And the laughter just opened up their hearts and it was a different evening after that. He has done that for us every time. He has taken his gift and torn down walls allowing the heart of this ministry to penetrate the hearts of the people who have come. We are continually humbled and honored at how he has blessed Hope House these last ten years. And the beauty of his gift is one reason why we have never wanted to do one of these without him. 

Denise Hildreth
Hope House International
Franklin, TN

Oh my gosh! What a blessing it was to have Jeff as our special guest for our celebration. I cannot say enough about how gracious he was, how personable and actually, how real he was. I wanted to sit down and talk to him because he felt like a close friend from the beginning. The time he took to talk to the kids I serve was so inspiring for them. Everyone I have talked to said this was our best celebration ever! Some even suggested that we have him back again next year. I think booking Jeff was the best decision I made in regards to our celebration. Can't wait to share heaven with him and listen to his take on the happenings there. It was a complete pleasure to work with Jeff, The Grable Group and LSA Entertainment. As opposed to agencies and artists I have worked with in the past, I hope we can have a continued relationship with you all! Thank you so much! 

Jackie Stouffer
Director, Creative Dreams Outreach Center
Stafford, TX

Thanks so much for representing a top notch talent as Jeff Allen. He is truly one of God's best! He is not only amazingly funny, but his heart beats for our God and His people. This fact is communicated from the beginning of his set and never fades. So many of our seniors have come up to me and shared how much they appreciate Jeff and his gift to make others laugh at what many would even cringe at sharing. This has a healing effect and the permission to talk about our sin problems, asking for help as needed. I wanted to let you know that Jeff is representing our Lord and you well! Thanks again for providing such a quality AND affordable ministry connection in Jeff Allen.  

Shelly Johns
Kentucky Baptists Convention
Louisville, KY

The guys LOVED Jeff. It was a home run. He was funny and real. He has an extraordinary ability to balance a powerful message from a vulnerable place with humor.  

Lisa Michalski
New Canaan Society
New Canaan, CT

Jeff was amazing. He spent so much time talking to us and was so personal and easy to converse with. The pastor’s dinner was super – we had about 20 or so people there. The show was very funny – everyone was laughing – his comedy is so real-to-life everyone can relate! We had 460+ in attendance. I have heard lots of positive comments about Jeff’s testimony also. There were some folks in the audience who didn’t know the Lord, so we are praying for movement in their hearts as a result of Jeff’s transparency. After the show, Jeff went into the lobby and signed autographs! Then he came into the cafe and met and greeted folks and stuck around for over an hour after the show... and was just as gracious and funny as when he first showed up!  

Jessica Dewey
Emmanuel Christian Academy
Springfield, OH

We were very pleased with Jeff's performance and the time he took to greet and speak with people. We have heard nothing but great feedback. One of our staff member's wives brought a co-worker and her family with them on Sunday. At the end of the morning her co-worker commented that "this morning may have just saved my marriage." We so appreciate how Jeff is bringing laughter and a story of redemption to people across the globe. 

Beth Petersen
Alive Wesleyan Church
Central, SC

I wanted you to know that over the weekend I heard tremendous reports from the event, which consisted of how very funny he was, and how the stories relate so much to what people go through. Most of what I heard was how he took time to share his testimony in a thoughtful, inspirational way without concern of "getting in, and getting out." I'm sure he performs in front of larger crowds most of the time, yet the people I spoke with let me know how valued they felt that he didn't seem like he was in a hurry, but wanted to be sure to minister to them. And then, he took time to spend with the people afterwards, evidently without having any goods on hand to sell. I highly recommend Jeff, and his character and integrity comes shining through. Thanks again for the opportunity to host him. 

Norman Lawrence, Pastor
Millersburg Assembly of God
Millersburg, PA

As always, Jeff was a delight and blessing to our community. Our worship center was full of people and FULL of laughter. His humor, talent and hilarious “expressions” are definitely amazing! He has such a wide range of topics, and can share humor in every area. I heard many people say their faces were sore from laughing, and I know mine was for hours after the show. He was awesome, and his testimony is such a glory to God! Jeff was great before and after the concert. He stayed for quite a while after the show talking with guests. Not every artist would do that. 

Jill Friedersdorf, Director of Worship Ministries
Community Church of Columbus
Columbus, IN

Jeff was terrific. The people loved him. They laughed until they cried. A couple of them even had to stand up and catch their breath, they were laughing so hard. The entire night was beyond anything that I could have imagined when we enlisted Jeff to be our speaker for the evening. But the real surprise came at the end when Jeff began to share from his heart his personal pilgrimage. He was transparent in talking about his coming to Christ, his struggles and his commitment to Christ, and being a disciple. Of course, this kind of transparency only endeared himself more to our crowd. If there were ever such a thing as something more than a grand slam, Jeff did it. I could go on, but I think you understand how incredible he was. 

Ronald M. Pratt, National Event Planner
LifeWay Conference Centers
Nashville, TN

Jeff did a marvelous job! I couldn't have asked for more. He exceeded all expectations. 

Larry Kreider
"The Gathering of Men"
Orlando, FL

Jeff was amazing and I am so glad he was able to be here. As the staff reflected this morning, we felt like the whole body grew this weekend is a mighty and spiritual way. On top of what took place spiritually, we had our attendance high and that is saying something in a church over 100 years old! 

Tom Harding, Senior Pastor
ALIVE Wesleyan Church
Central, SC

I had six people tell me that their "lives have been changed forever" (accepting Christ) after the Sunday in which I shared your DVD. Moreover, I had pre-ordered 12 of your DVDs expecting a number of people to want them (I strongly encouraged our people to use your DVD as the tool to share the gospel with their unchurched friends). The response was incredible! Hence my additional order for 38 more. Furthermore, I am committed to keeping a healthy inventory of your DVDS on our Resource Table for as long as I am the Lead Pastor (I have no intention of going anywhere). 

Jeffrey Pearson, Lead Pastor
The Bridge
Kent Island, MD

Jeff was absolutely hysterical... but his testimony was even more stunning. I have also shown clips from the "Bananas" series in our Men's Fraternity meetings and the guys have loved the humor. Jeff's passion and honesty in his testimony was unbelievable! I truly believe having Jeff come and do his comedy/testimony can and will make such an impact here. 

Philip Houchins
Grove Avenue Baptist Church
Richmond, VA

Our Men's event was a great success. Everyone that I talked to loved it. Jeff made people laugh so hard they were getting headaches. Jeff did an outstanding job during the serious part of the day; he really spoke to the men's hearts. I know that not one will ever forget him. 

Eric Kear
Community Worship Center
Perryton, TX

WOW! What a fantastic evening. Jeff hit a home run, not only with his comedic presence and humorous stories but especially in sharing how Jesus Christ has changed his life. I had the honor of leading four people to Christ personally that evening and I know that many others were talking with other pastoral staff and lay leaders. Many seeds were planted in the hearts of non-believers that night. 

Pastor Mike

We had a great night with Jeff! We wanted to just minister to our area, and let people cast off some burdens, laugh, relax and hopefully find some hope and encouragement along the way. And I think we did all of that through Jeff's performance. We were hoping for 400 to 700 people, and had over 1400 show up. We had to create seating on the floor, the overflow area, and also had standing room only in the last row of the balcony. Jeff exceeded our expectations, availed himself to people after the show, and as usual, was a funny, funny man. Thank you!  

Phil Harbison
Community Reformed Church
Zeeland, MI

Jeff was delightful. Judging from the discussions he engaged in with our event guests, he made quite an impression on them. Whether it was his humor, his testimony or a combination of the both, our guests approached him without hesitation to continue the "conversation" he had begun onstage. He was among the last to leave the venue as he answered questions and spoke with our guests. 

Pam Sweebe
StoneBridge Church
The Woodlands, TX

This was the second time that we’ve had Jeff Allen at our annual Night of Love and Laughter and once again he delivered the funny. One of the things I really like about Jeff is that not only is he one of the funniest comedians out there today, but he’s inspirational too. I can’t recommend Jeff highly enough. If you’re looking for someone to bring the funny, he’s your man. 

Mike Perry, General Manager WCQR
Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol, TN

It was an amazing sight to see laughter return to our church. Sometimes as Christians we forget to enjoy life and forget to laugh. 

Rick Bennett
Grassland Heights Baptist Church
Franklin, TN

Jeff is a very special person. I found him to be wonderful, not only at his job but as a person of great character. He indeed left everyone attending the affair going home with a smile on their face. Would we be interested in him in the future? You bet. I personally found him very personal, enlightening and extremely grateful. His humor on stage was among the best I have seen. I would certainly look very favorably in retaining Jeff for all of our future events. 

Bill Schutter, Tournament Director (Fundraising event for the Village Church Ministries)
St. Augustine, FL

As to the show, it was a tremendous success!!! Jeff had the audience rolling as soon as the first words came out of his mouth! He gave us a show that exceeded our grandest expectations and we couldn't have been happier. Jeff is very gracious and we were very impressed by him in every way. 

Carol and Ed Johnson
Magnolia United Methodist Church
Suffolk, VA

The evening went off beyond our expectations ending with a standing ovation for Jeff. On a scale of 1-10 - We give him an 11. (Can you do that?) 

Norman Lawrence, Pastor
Millersburg Assembly of God
Millersburg, PA

Jeff Allen is hilarious! But, what I think impressed me most was the powerful testimony at the end of his bit. Great for small group night!  

Jay Gaumer

Mr. Allen was a complete pleasure to work with. The group REALLY enjoyed his comedy and, most of all, his story. We had couples tell us that they were so very touched and blessed by all that he shared. His transparency was perfect for our conference this year. Everything he shared fell right into place with what was needed. He was well received by the entire audience. The Sheldon Concert Hall staff also got a chance to sit in and THEY LOVED HIM! Blessings to you and please send our deepest gratitude and love to Mr. Jeff Allen. 

Beverly Jenkins, Pastor & Organizer
Building Intimacy Marriage Retreats
Florissant, MO

Jeff Allen did a spectacular job at our event. Many of the parents who attended have mentioned how much they enjoyed the show and what a fun evening they had at the benefit. Jeff was the highlight of the evening. He had the entire audience laughing and cheering. What really made the evening special was Jeff's passion for the work we are doing at our school and his support as we asked families and donors to open their hearts and continue to give to help our school grow. We would certainly love to have him back again for future events. 

Lynnette Hunter
Trinity Christian School
Shorewood, IL

We loved the night. Jeff is a blessing to those who hear him. He was very easy to work with and his ability to make people laugh about everyday life experiences, especially of being married, had the crowd in stitches. He appealed to all ages from 18 to 80. It turned out to be a great event where many people came from towns far and wide. 

Carol Cluff, Adult Ministries Specialist
First Baptist Church O'Fallon, IL

Jeff did an outstanding job for us as he held the audience in the palm of his hand, first making us laugh until we hurt and then nearly making us cry. You could have heard a pin drop as he shared his story of life change. People were not expecting such a transition. But it was incredibly powerful. We definitely made the right choice in bringing in Jeff. We were so grateful that he told his story. That communicated volumes to our people. They want to hear of the difference knowing God and Jesus can make in a life and in a marriage. Please encourage him to keep on telling the story. Our world needs to hear it! 

Beth A. Olney, Co-director
Marriage, Inc.

Jeff's performance was truly wonderful. He navigated the humor and testimony with polish and heart. The laughter during the stand-up was overwhelming; and the silence during his testimony was unprecedented. He was thoroughly effective in his presentation. 

Shawn Holtgren, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Development
Bethel College
Mishawaka, IN

It was our pleasure to have Jeff at our Lutheran Educators Conference banquet! I was more than pleased! Many teachers have expressed their delight for the evening. They loved laughing and many have expressed that Jeff has been the best entertainment ever! That is really a high compliment as we have had some great entertainers. I just really think the teachers enjoyed laughing because they could all easily relate to what Jeff was sharing through his comedy! The evaluations are pouring in and the teachers are saying they want Jeff back again!  

Michelle Hines, President
Lutheran Educators Conference
Las Vegas, NV

We had more people in the church for this event than we have had in the 13 years I have been here. We had to break out extra chairs. Jeff was very easy to work with and did a wonderful job. People were nearly rolling in the aisles with laughter. It was quite simply the best event we have ever done at the church. In short we could not be more pleased with the event and Jeff is welcome back anytime. 

Pastor Bobbyjon Bauman
Madison Crossroads Church
Madison, WI

We had such a good time with Jeff. He is incredibly easy to work with and most importantly - HE DELIVERED! I was laughing to the point of tears. I had staff tell me they were watching my wife and I wipe tears from our eyes the whole show. I knew that pulling off a Grand Opening on the heels of the construction project was going to leave our volunteers and leaders physically and emotionally exhausted and wanted to have an evening that would allow people to sit back and rest in laughter. I also thought it would be great to make the first event in our big room an offering of laughter. Jeff facilitated both. 

Mike Tuttle, Senior Minister
Miamisburg Christian Church
Miamisburg, OH

In a town of 120 and we had 300 people that came out and every one of them were blown away by Jeff's performance! Jeff hit this one out of the park and the small town is still buzzing! This was the 5th time I have brought in Jeff to an event including a time in MN with the Apostles of Comedy over the past 8 years and he just keeps getting better and better. Funnier and funnier it seems like a different show every time! I love the way he shares his testimony, not overdone and not under-cooked. Also after dealing with so many other "artists" in the business from bands to comedians, Jeff is SO easy to work with, laid back, and just comes, grabs the mic, and does what God needs him to do! We'll have him again for sure! 

Pastor John
Recharge Church
Streeter, ND

It was a tremendous evening with Jeff! One pastor described it as "absolutely phenomenal." Another comment: "It was unmatched by anything Starke County has ever had to offer." Just the week of our event Jeff was featured on the front page of the Arts and Entertainment section of the Chicago Tribune, so I was happy to share that with our audience before he came on stage. The evening also gave us opportunity to share our Love INC mission with a new audience which seemed to be very effective. My son commented as he watched people that many were in tears. Jeff was spirited-filled that evening. He powerfully presented his testimony and message. Thank you for helping make this possible. The laughter and the inspiration were awesome. Everyone wants to do it again soon. 

Debbie Wappel
Love In the Name of Christ, Starke County
Knox, IN

Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed Jeff this past Sunday at Victory's Fall Music Festival. Most Christian comedians who are out there have a sort of "Christianese" that makes them a bit predictable and, though they may be funny, it feels the same. What distinguishes Jeff is that he is not a Christian comedian, but rather a genuinely talented stand-up comic who happens to be a devoted follower of Jesus. His timing is impeccable, and when he transitions to his story of how he came to faith, there is a rawness, a freshness, that is so unlike what most people expect, that they are caught off-guard and the result is a truly genuine experience. Jeff had us laughing hysterically, and then moments later, when he shared his story, we saw a picture of what God can do with a shattered life surrendered to His grace.  

Glenn Procopio
Associate Pastor, Victory Church
Lakeland, FL

I immediately had a stitch in my side and a tear in my eye! Not many people can weave everyday life events into side-busting humor and then rip your heart out like Jeff Allen can. I believe God led me to his material. I also heard him six months later on Focus on the Family or the 700 club. I’m familiar with Mark Lowery and Chonda Pierce, both extremely talented but personally not compelling. I see nothing wrong with entertainment, it’s great to laugh, I do much of it. However, I do believe there is a fine line between “entertaining people and getting people’s attention” Jeff does both and he does it well.  

Tammi Morris, Executive Director
Bridge of Hope of York County
York, PA

We can’t say enough about the “Jeff Allen & Friends” comedy concert we hosted at Mandarin Christian Church! The sound of laughter that filled our Worship Center still lingers in the air. The outreach program Jeff has designed is a wonderful opportunity for churches. Our folks gobbled up the two-for-one tickets and brought friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers. Jeff Allen & Friends provided us [with] a wonderful opportunity for our folks to invite those “hard to reach” people to the church. 

Dr. Dennis A. Bratton, Senior Minister
Mandarin Christian Church
Jacksonville, FL

I can honestly say Jeff Allen truly was the best performer, or better stated Minister of Laughter that we have ever had. He brought the house down with his incredible humor; he’s the funniest guy I’ve ever heard. Not only was his humor wonderful but also testimony of faith in Christ was so very touching. 

Wade L. Liberator, Associate Pastor
Champion Forest Baptist Church
Houston, TX

What an amazing evening we had with Jeff Allen... Jeff also does a great job of weaving his personal testimony about his relationship with Christ into his program. One minute you are rolling with laughter...the next you can hear a pin drop as he shared how Christ has changed his life...and the next you are again holding your sides as you laugh.  

Michael Ray, Senior Associate Pastor
Grace Baptist Church
Hampton, VA

I whole-heartedly recommend Jeff for any event you may be planning. You will be blessed! 

Tom Bledsoe, Program Director
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

One of the goals [of our conference of pastors of large churches from across America] are for the pastors to relax and have fun. Boy...did we have fun during the time of Jeff’s presentation! It was virtually 70 minutes of continuous laughter and tears. 

Howard R. Brammer, Senior Minister
Traders Point Christian Church
Indianapolis, IN

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