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  • New Sports Car

    Cashing in on his success as a clean corporate comedian, Jeff Allen decides to buy a “sports” car.

  • Grandchildren

    Grandchildren are a parent's ultimate reward, even if they come bearing bio-hazardous gifts.

  • Select Comfort

    Jeff Allen on the perils of the Select Comfort inflatable, adjustable mattresses, and the toll they can take on a marriage - excerpted from his performance of "Three Word Vocabulary."

  • Love Languages

    Jeff Allen talks about how he and Tami didn't see "their" language in Gary Chapman's famous book - excerpted from his performance of "Three Word Vocabulary."

  • Costume Party

    Jeff Allen previews the pitfalls of being a six-foot angry man inside a string bean costume - excerpted from his performance of "Three Word Vocabulary."

  • You Can’t Live Here Anymore

    There comes a point in every teenager’s life when he’s not one anymore. For the survival of the less fit, Jeff takes matters into his hands.

  • Health Clubs

    Jeff Allen talks about his questionable motivation for joining a health club.

  • Exercise and Dieting

    Jeff Allen's hilarious take on diet and exercise (spoiler alert: not a big fan).

  • Wedding Anniversaries

    Preparing for a major anniversary, Jeff is thinking about a special evening out. His wife has other plans!

  • Noise Uniform

    When it sounds like an intruder has come into Jeff's house late at night,Jeff’s wife wants him to spring into action!

  • Closet Vision

    Hilarious take on how women prepare themselves … and their husbands … for a night out on the town.

  • Underwear

    Jeff’s funny exchange with his wife about underwear,and how men and women communicate differently.

  • ADHD and Hypochondriac

    What do you get when you combine ADHD with hypochondria? I’m glad you asked!

  • Speeding Ticket

    When Jeff gets a speeding ticket, he has words with the police officer – admittedly probably not a great idea.

  • Promotional Reel

    Promotional Reel for Jeff Allen.





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