Actual Reviews for “Happy Wife, Happy Life®, Revisited”

By D. Justham
I have heard a lot of his material on XM Comedy and saw him on Bananas. When we were having some couples get together I bought Happy Wife, Happy Life, Revisited to watch with them. I watched it once before the get together and then my kids wanted to see it so watched again. We loved it each time, but then by the time we got to the get-together I did not expect to laugh much as it was all so familiar. Was I wrong! I laughed harder than ever as the group was howling. Adding the laughing dynamics of others was magical in itself. My suggestion is get it and invite at least 3 or 4 couples over in the age group of 30 to 60 who have kids. Makes sure to spread the age group out and have at least one couple who are going through or have gone through menopause. Watch it and your sinuses and eyes will be killing you as you laugh harder than you thought possible. Watch the bonus testimony first so you see where Jeff is coming from, than watch the comedy portion. Well worth it!

By S. Peek
This is a comedy act for the whole family. It is clean and very funny. As one would probably guess from the title, this routine focuses a lot on humorous interactions between husbands and wives. It also includes funny things regarding children. Although so many comedians these days cannot seem to make a joke without crudity, Jeff Allen is not one of them. He does a great job of keeping the audience entertained without resorting to the gutter.
By Rick W. Williams
As of this date, I have ordered 5 copies of, “Happy Wife, Happy Life Revisited.” I keep giving them away. Except for one and IT’S MINE! This is the funniest video I have ever seen. The original, “Happy Wife, Happy Life” was hilarious, and this one, “Revisited,” is even better. I can hardly wait until Jeff does a video that includes his skit, “The 3 Legged Dog.”
By Kevin McDonnell
In a world of vulgar comedy this was a welcome addition to our video collection. The whole family could laugh without fear of what unwholesome joke might be waiting to lunge into our living room. One of the best ways to drop $20 bucks for an hour of entertainment.
By Susan Drake
This DVD is great clean comedy! I had seen clips of this DVD on TV and decided to order it. We laughed so hard!

Actual Responses to “Jeff Allen: My Heart, My Comedy”

Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
Have other DVDs with Jeff on them and even to hear the same joke again is funny as the first. Had a chance to see, or listen to him in person and would travel miles, even states to see him again. One of the greatest CLEAN comics around.Would rate him #1. Even buy second and third copies for other family.

This is so raw and real! It is about God’s grace. If you think your marriage has no hope to survive, then watch this together it may help save your marriage. Jeff’s testimony is awesome! This is a must watch!!!!! Oh and it is also very funny:)

Jeff Allen is one of the funniest comics I have seen since birth. His humor is about real life situations and his face and demeanor help make him who he is, A Star. Put a tight belt on and get ready to keep you insides from falling out.

Jeff Allen is a funny clean comedian. This video captures a side of his life and comedy, along with his wife, on how they have endured sorrow through the night but God made joy come in the morning.

I first heard the comedy of Jeff Allen on late night talk radio. I am always impressed by comedians who are actually funny without using unnecessary profanity. Unfortunately, they are not the norm. Mr. & Mrs. Allen’s testimony regarding their survival as a married couple was really incredible. They are not preaching, they just tell their story of how their faith saved them. I recommend this DVD to anyone who is looking for some laughs and also a story of the strength of having faith in God.

Review of Lock the Door by Serious Comedy

“why is this guy not in a sitcom… I’ll never know…”Review of Happy Wife, Happy Life® Revisited by Serious Comedy
“An absolute must have comedy CD [and DVD]”

Review of Jeff Allen – Bananas by Serious Comedy

“Allen is a born again Christian and the last half of his set on this comedy DVD is his profession of faith. He tells how he has found God. Allen does it so honestly and sincerely that you are captivated by his story and definitely want to hear it to its conclusion. It is a fascinating story.”