About the Show

The first part of the show features Jeff’s brilliant standup comedy, which has garnered hundreds of millions of fans around the globe. The second part is based on Jeff’s book, Are We There Yet? which tears down all walls and shows Jeff’s journey from very dark times, to recovery, restoration, and ultimately redemption. For those inspired by Jeff’s arc, there will be an opening to invite people to support local (or other) charities. Jeff’s ultimate goal? In his words: “To make a difference that outlives the tour … that outlives me.”

Video: Jeff Allen Highlights on Dry Bar Comedy

blurbs: What are others saying about Jeff Allen and his new book, Are We There Yet?

This is Jeff’s story—it’s a great one, and it’s a story for all of us. Reaching the pinnacle of achievements, much of Jeff’s life was lived on a rough and bumpy road. His is a tale of complimentary opposites. It’s funny, yet profound; inspiring and uplifting but deeply thought-provoking. It gives hope, and it answers questions many of us didn’t know we needed to ask.

— David Barton, Author, Founder of WallBuilders

I claim Jeff as a spiritual child of mine. I didn’t know he could write as funny as he talked, but indeed he can. I also was not aware of all the struggles he’d been through. This book could be called “Tears of the Comic.” It will bless, encourage, comfort, and be an exhortation to any who read it.

— Tommy Nelson, Senior Pastor, Denton Bible Church

Jeff Allen is a talented comedian known for his clean, family-friendly humor that focuses on his personal experiences and struggles. In addition to his successful comedy career, he is also a devout Christian. He has publicly spoken about how his faith has helped him overcome addiction and other challenges in life. Jeff uses humor to shed light on difficult situations and inspire others to persevere through their own struggles. Jeff’s powerful testimony has touched the lives of many. His unique combination of humor and personal testimony allows the reader of Are We There Yet? to relate to Jeff’s and his wife Tami’s struggles but also coming out the other end with a healthy and happy marriage.

— Bill Gaither, Founder of Gaither Music Company

Jeff Allen is absolutely THE BEST at what he does. On and off stage he’s a pro and his testimony is powerful!

— Michael W. Smith, Three-time Grammy Award Winner & American Music Award Recipient

In the book, Are We There Yet? you’ll find the secret to the joy-filled lives Jeff and Tami (wife) are now leading. Stay with the story as the scene is set in the first half so that you can fully appreciate the payoff in the second half. And as you read, know this: that very same payoff is available for you.

— Andy Andrews, New York Times Bestselling author of The Traveler’s Gift and The Noticer

What do you call a person who is hilariously funny, transparent and honest, a close friend and faithful follower of Jesus? You call that person Jeff Allen. What do you call a book by Jeff Allen that demonstrates all those qualities and can encourage men and women to grow in their relationship with each other and Christ? You call that book Are We There Yet? The story of Jeff’s marriage, his addiction, and recovery has always been a part of his side-splitting presentations ever since I met him. None of us are “there yet,” but by reading about the powerful work of God in Jeff’s life, you will laugh and be challenged to hang in there throughout the journey.

— Ken Davis, Award winning author, comedian, and Founder of SCORRE™ speaker training

Jeff Allen’s story is a fascinating and poignant account of triumphing over obstacles that may seem insurmountable to many. It serves as a testament that when one prioritizes God in their life, blessings are sure to follow.

— Jordan Harmon, President and Co-founder, Angel Studios

I’m not making a word of this testimonial up. I was going on and on to my therapist one day, complaining about all my problems, issues and addictions. My therapist looked me dead in the eye and said, “You should meet Jeff Allen.” Dead serious. That’s how we became friends. Since that day, Jeff had been a mentor, golf buddy and friend in my journey of recovery. Y’all all can’t be as lucky as I am and know Jeff personally, but this book will give you a glimpse into the life of one of the best men I know, whether he’s crushing on stage at the comedy club, or lipping out a birdie putt.

— John Crist, Comedian

Having been honored to know Jeff for years, it’s virtually impossible for me to be objective here…but I’ll try. Jeff has a very unique way of communicating the one thing God pretty much insists on. That thing is humility. The fact that his humor (in particular, his timing) operates at such a high bar, can lead the listener/reader to think that it’s all a very sophisticated act and that the self-deprecating funnyman is just so very good at what he does. While that is the case…he is very good at what he does…the real gem in this treasure chest is that he’s even better at who he is. He is, like all of us who know Jesus, simply a broken human who has been introduced to the Master Repairman and can’t imagine ever being that broken again. His only option is to tell his story and direct everyone he touches towards that Master Repairman. My friend, Jeff, does this as effectively as any friend I have. For that reason and for a thousand others which, I’m told, I don’t have room for here, I invite you to first relax (you can trust him) then lean into this book and the Truth you will find here. Let it help you. If you don’t know Him yet, let it introduce you to someone who can fix your brokenness. Enjoy!

— Gary Chapman, Grammy Award Winner, TV & Radio Host

Jeff’s book is destined to be an instant classic. It is raw, real, and relatable to everyone regardless of where they find themselves on their journey in life. Reading this book will bring out all of one’s impassioned sentiments on the emotional spectrum. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with this book for my friend, Jeff Allen.

— Dr. Virgil Grant, Sr. Pastor of Eastside Community Church in Richmond, KY