Christian Comedian Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is the world’s most popular Christian comedian working today. But what does that term “Christian Comedian” even mean? And why would I think Christians in particular are funny? Well firstly, if desired, after delivering side-splitting comedy, Jeff can offer his riveting testimony (of a marriage gone wrong and redeemed; overcoming addiction and bankruptcy; finding God). This one-two punch is a great draw for people to bring their unchurched friends to something that’s both hilarious and deeply moving.

And no. Just because you’re Christian doesn’t mean you’re any more or less likely to be funny. In this department, Jeff is in a class by himself. In 2019 alone, Jeff’s comedy videos generated more than 100 million views. After four decades, Jeff is still at the top of his game.  His current tour, The America I Grew Up In, is packing churches and theaters with audiences consisting of three generations. Very few comedians have this kind of broad appeal.

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