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# Topic Time Format
1 ADHD & Hypochondriac (HD) 1:19 MP4
2 Grandchildren (HD) 2:13 MP4
3 Speeding Ticket (medium resolution) 1:40 MP4
4 Kid’s Meltdown (medium resolution) 0:46 MP4
5 Select Comfort (medium resolution) 0:48 MP4
6 Theological Debate (medium resolution) 1:05 MP4
7 Milk on Cat (medium resolution) 0:48 MP4
8 Love Languages (medium resolution) 1:39 MP4
9 Selling Cars (medium resolution) 2:26 MP4
10 Costume Party (medium resolution) 1:26 MP4
11 Compilation (medium resolution): Includes: Speeding Ticket, Kid’s Meltdown, Select Comfort, Theological Debate, Milk on Cat, Love Languages, Selling Cars and Costume Party 10:46 MP4
12 Jeff and Tami go to Hawaii for their anniversary 1:30 MP4
13 Jeff and Tami’s ADHD children teach them patience and tolerance 3:15 MP4
14 Jeff on arguing with Tami… about underwear 3:15 MP4
15 When getting dressed for a special occasion, Tami gets “Closet Vision” 1:20 MP4
16 Compilation (medium resolution), BB Guns, Underwear and Closet Vision 8:00 MP4

Other High Res Videos

# Topic Time Format
1 Noise Uniform 0:51 MP4
2 Diet and Weight Loss 1:04 MP4
3 Closet Vision 1:18 MP4