Here’s a list of podcast episodes featuring Jeff

  1. On John O’Leary’s Live Inspired A Life Redeemed: Jeff Allen’s Journey to Meaningful Life. Listen Here
  2. I’m on the @Jesus_Calling Podcast, sharing my story of sobriety and the healing power of laughter. Listen Here
  3. Here I am on The Bill Martinez Show talking about how my new book came about. Watch & Listen Here
  4. 700 Club Watch
  5. Cornerstone Network’s “Hope Today” Watch
  6. Fox News’ “One Nation with Brian Kilmeade” Watch
  7. GMA3 Watch
  8. TBN’s Huckabee Watch
  9. Beliefnet Watch
  10. CBN.com Watch
  11. Christian Post  Watch
  12. Crossmap Watch
  13. Life Today Live Watch
  14. Sadie Robertson’s Live Original Online Watch
  15. Awesome Marriage Podcast Watch
  16. Bill Martinez Live Watch
  17. Crossmap Podcast Listen
  18. FamilyLife Radio Listen
  19. Got Questions Podcast Watch
  20. Jesus Calling Podcast Listen
  21. Live Inspired Podcast Listen
  22. Marriage Talk Podcast Watch
  23. Point of View Radio Listen
  24. Salem Radio’s “The Eric Metaxas Show” Listen
  25. Relationship Prescriptions with Dr. Carol Watch
  26. Salem Radio’s “The Pastor Scott Show” Listen
  27. Salem Radio’s “The Tim Demoss Show” Listen
  28. The Brian Kilmeade Show Watch
  29. The Reclamation Podcast Listen